Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When The Trumpet Sounds

When The Trumpet Sounds,watercolor by Leada Wood (c) 2010 All Right Reserved

Yes I am still painting angels! One to go but I must take them to the museum tomorrow. It has been a fun process and I can't wait to see all our heavenly paintings hanging together! The Caboose Watercolor Society show, Angels We Have Heard On High, will open at the Heritage Museum in Big Spring Texas on December 4th and will run through January 11th. This is a transparent watercolor on Arches 15x22, with gold leaf added for her glory. Yes I drew everyone of the Fleu-De-Les in the background, they don't show too well in this photo as it is low resolution. I want to do this angel again with a stain glass effect in the background. Seems like I am never ready to give up working on our themed shows, the ideas just keep coming and I keep asking my self What If?

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