Saturday, August 27, 2011

Princess Alina by Leada Wood ©

Princess Alina by Leada Wood ©

I was laying in bed thinking about what I was going to do for the IA weekly challenge sunflowers and a little story began weaving in my mind.

Princess Alina
In the land of sunshine where sunflowers are plentiful, a little fairy princess dwelled. Her name was Alina (the fair) and she lived in a pasture full of beautiful yellow sunflowers. The warm gentle breeze would make them sway back and forth and they looked as if they were dancing. Princess Alina would sit for hours and watch their cheerful faces glisten in the sunshine. Sometimes she would join them in the dancing and you could hear the wind whispering sweet melodies.  The warm summer air was heavy with their pleasant fragrance and life was good at
Dragonfly  Farm.    ©Leada Wood

So begins my story and the first illustration for my little tale.
I enjoy the weekly challenges at Inspiration never know what they will come up with next and they always spark my imagination!

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