Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dragon Fly Diptychs by Leada Wood©

Dragon Fly Diptych by Leada Wood©
I wanted you to see a little more of the texure and detail and then see them side by side.
Dragon Fly Diptychs by Leada Wood©

In the 15th Century, Nobles as well as bankers, merchants and other members of the middle class began to commission works of art now known as diptychs, which consisted of two panels hinged together that could be opened and closed like a book.
While occasionally secular in nature, the subject matter was usually religious and often included portraits of the people who owned the diptychs or in whose memory that were painted.
Most diptychs were small in scale intended for private contemplation; they either hung on a wall or stood resting open on a prayer desk. They were sometimes stored in a small wooden box or velvet pouch when not in use.

Modern artist have used the term in the title of works consisting of two paintings, not connected but intended to be hung close together as a pair.

These diptychs are 16x20 on canvas, using mixed media. There is a lot of texturing involved with this piece and some areas are in raised relief, with a little guilding going on. I used acrylic paints, texture mediums, oil pastels and paint pens to get the effects I was trying to acheive. The section the dragonflies are on has a crackled, stucco texture to give the appearance of age.
I enjoy using symbolisim in my art and leaving it up to the viewer to figure it all out.
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