Monday, April 30, 2012

"Gardens Of The Sun" Contemporary Abstract Painting by Texas Artist Leada Wood

"Gardens Of The Sun" by Leada Wood ©

I just completed a workshop in Granbury with artist Carolyn Riegelman. There were about 20 artists creating abstract paintings...putting layer upon layer of paint on the canvas. There were so many wonderful and exciting paintings created last week, any gallery would have had a fantastic show!
 I have heard so many people say of abstract painting, "Oh my 3 year old could do that". Well I am here to say there is more to it than meets the eye! No visual references only intuitive painting. I enjoy the texture and playing around with color and shapes...trying to bring my vision into reality. No it is NOT easy painting Abstracts and I think if you have doubts you should give it a try!
This painting is 24X24 on gallery wrapped canvas.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Lucky Dogs" Watercolor Painting by Texas Artist Leada Wood

"Lucky Dogs" by Texas Artist Leada Wood©

This painting was done especially for my brother Ken's birthday, it is 15x22 watercolor on paper. There is a story that goes with the big brother loves hot dogs...all kinds of hot dogs but especially bratwurst. We were in New Orleans and every time we passed a Lucky Dog wagon he would have to get a hot dog. Every city he is in where they have hot dog wagons he patronizes them.
  Now Ken has a dog named Maxine and she is the sweetest dog ever! My brother loves Texas Tech Red Raiders and is a tailgater and Maxine goes to all the games...and Maxine loves hot dogs too! As a matter of fact Maxine and Ken were on television where Ken was throwing her bits of hot dogs at a tailgating event in New Mexico during one of the Tech games. So I thought it only right that Maxine should be in the painting as she is one Lucky Dog!
 Happy Birthday Brother!

Friday, April 13, 2012

White Line Fever by Leada Wood

White Line Fever by Leada Wood ©

This is another Journey Painting that I did in Douglas Walton's workshop.  These paintings are pure spirit and pure energy...letting go and letting the painting develop...decreasing the complexity of the composition and increasing the energy of the paint. I started with a very free under painting and then applied a journey drawing on top and added what I thought it needed to complete the composition. This painting is still in the incubation stage waiting for insight to come. I think I will probably add something in the black square to give the focal point more interest. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ascension by Leada Wood

Ascension by Leada Wood©

Taking a workshop with M. Douglas Walton is always an adventure in creativity. I created this painting in his workshop. It began as a journey drawing, 8x11,which I enlarged to a full sheet, 22x28 and put on hot pressed watercolor paper. I then put texture randomly on the paper...let it dry and did an under painting with latex paint, and then continued my journey in painting, bringing it to completion.