Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Landscape" Contemporary Abstract by Texas Artist Leada Wood

"Landscape" Contemporary Abstract by Texas Artist Leada Wood ©

I don't usually do landscapes , but I did enjoy this challenge in Douglas Walton's Walton's Workshop as it was anything but ordinary. We had to think outside the box as we chose five colors and laid them down randomly. We had to let it happen not make it happen and be willing to let insight come.  We then had to decide what was needed and add the unexpected.
Douglas Walton's classes are all about design and creativity and not the ordinary. Such fun!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Visions And Voices by Leada Wood

 ©Leada Wood Visions And Voices 22x28 Latex
Do you ever wonder where an artist gets their ideas? I don't know about others but I know I get ideas from everywhere! Dreams, nature, is full of mysteries just waiting for us to explore. We just have to be open and slow down enough and be aware enough to let them unfold. The hard part sometimes is getting it out of your head and onto your drawing paper just the way you imagined it. That is the beauty of can let your imagination run wild and attempt to capture it in your painting.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Honey Does This Dress Make My Butt Look Big?" by Leada Wood, Texas Artist

"Honey Does This Dress Make My Butt Look Big?"
by Leada Wood©

This little lady was such fun to do! I started her with an altered background and used hand painted collage papers for her dress. I used transparent watercolors for this piece and she is 15X28 on Arches paper. You can see her in person at the Buddy Holly Museum in Lubbock, Texas, if you are in the area. She is on exhibit along with all the other wonderful works of the West Texas Watercolor Society.

Monday, May 7, 2012

"ColorScapes" Contemporary Abstract by Leada Wood, Texas Artist

"ColorScapes" by Leada Wood©

This Contemporary Abstract is acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas and is 24x24 inches.  I used texture to begin the painting and when dry started laying in vibrant, clean colors. I used a handmade stamp to give a little pattern and then wove the colors into that to incorporate it into the painting. This is another experimental painting completed in the Granbury workshop.

Lake Granbury Art Association has the nicest facility in the Shangley House close to the heart of Granbury. They have many master painters from all over the country come there to teach workshops. I was so impressed with the nice group of people, I became a member! I already signed up for the next workshop which is Carol Nelson from Colorado. I can't wait! I have waited nearly two years to get into one of her Texas classes.

Thank you Diana Littlejohn for all your hard work getting such high quality workshops.     

Friday, May 4, 2012

"Quiet Journey" Contemporary Abstract by Leada Wood, Texas Artist

"Quiet Journey" by Leada Wood ©

This contemporary abstract is 24X24 painted with acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas. I layered texture and used a stencil that I had cut out Mylar,adding more texture in various ways. I decided I wanted to go for a tonal painting...using black and white with a splash of red for interest. I guess you could say this was a study in values and textures. I created this one in the Carolyn Riegelman workshop in Granbury.