Saturday, December 29, 2012

Exaggerated Verticals by Leada Wood, Artist Of Texas

Aah, It was so nice to go to the studio today and create! After all the hustle and bustle of the holidays... the family fun and the gathering of the clan.  It was sublime to slow down and get back into the right side of my brain and lose myself in Leada land!

I decided I wanted to try some exaggerated verticals. I kind of liked the colors and movement in this painting and decided I wanted to explore it further so I used it as my inspiration and starting point. I cut up a half sheet of watercolor paper in 5 x22 inches and began.

This is my beginning...I used some old paintings and cut up pieces and collaged them onto the paper. I also used some transparencies I had created with my stamps. I applied them in a grid format and painted the bottom with various blues to give a nice contrast to the warm colors of the collage. Its hard to see the variation of the blues because of the low resolution of the photo.

I decided it wasn't quiet busy enough to my liking so I added more transparencies to give them rhythm and movement. I wanted your eye to travel from one piece to the next and yet I wanted each painting to stand alone.

This is the final version of the one on the left. I think I reached my goal of it being interesting on its own and it has a nice lively rhythm to it.

This is the middle painting. I think they almost have an Asian feel to them. Maybe it is the color combo I chose.

This is the right painting. I may mount these on black matt board to really make them pop. I am not sure yet...really enjoy the long, narrow format so may just frame them that way.

This is the final version side by side...dirty table and all! I think they could be hung in any direction and be cohesive...or alone...but I really like them more as a grouping don't you? That is the nice thing about a triptych and abstract art they are very versatile and you can change them up.
This painting is available!
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