Friday, April 19, 2013

Slim, Shorty And Lulu Gone Wild by Leada Wood Contemporary Texas Artist

Slim, Shorty And Lulu Gone Wild -Copyright Leada Wood 2013

Slim, Shorty and Lulu gone wild came about after a wonderful family outing with the Kids and a trip to the circus. I had not been to a circus in ever so long...wasn't sure they still existed! Oh what a grand time we had and wonderful ideas began spinning around in my head. I love to paint my goonie birds but have not done so for a long time. The sparks began to fly and away I went to my drawing board and started this adventure. As you can see I became a little carried away and went over to the wild side! It was a fun ride while it lasted.

 This is a close up of  Shorty ... a colorful little bird!

This is Slim...that bird is up to something! I can see it in his eye! Maybe he wonders why his pal Shorty is standing so close to his gal Lulu?

And this is Slim and you can see birds of a feather flock together and Slim has nothing to worry about! I can see that Lulu only has eyes for Slim. I hope you have enjoyed my little bird brained tale...I think I see more adventures of Slim, Shorty and Lulu in my future.

 This painting is 16x20 transparent  watercolor on canvas and is available. Please contact me at
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