Thursday, July 3, 2014

Black Cats, Fireworks and the 4th of July, by Leada Wood, Texas Artist

                                                 Black Cat by Leada Wood, copyright 2014

I grew up in rural Texas where firecrackers were a 4th of July tradition...guess they still are. I had two older brothers who used their allowance on black cats, as they made the most noise. I didn't much care for them as I was always kind of a scardy cat. Sparklers were daring enough for me...even those would send showers of sparks up my arm causing me to drop them in the dirt.

Firework watching is still a tradition with us, whether with family, friends or as a couple. We enjoy the show from a distance and let the experts do the work. I especially enjoy watching them to music, when I have a chance to be in the city on the 4th. The bigger and more colorful they are, the better! 

As we enjoy the fireworks bursting in air let's remember the symbolism and be thankful for living in a free country. Take a moment to be grateful... and give thanks for all those who have served our country and are serving now. God Bless America!

Have a happy and safe holiday!
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