Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I'm A Little Tea Cup by Leada Wood, Texas Artist

 I have been enjoying Liz Steel's class this final week of Sketchbook Skool. Liz is an architect and lives in Australia and has given us invaluable information on sketching fundamentals. She gets to know her subject, whether a tea cup or an amazing building, by drawing thumbnails and breaking them down into grids. Sure makes you see differently when you do this. That was what the whole skool was about...seeing. I think the more you sketch in your sketchbook, the more freeing it becomes and the better you see things. It trains your eye to take the subject in more quickly and to really look at the shapes and the lines.

I guess you might think that drawing a teacup and saucer looks fairly simple, but is in fact quite a challenge. Go ahead get yourself a pretty one out of the cupboard and give it a go! Who just might lead to a series.

copyright, Leada Wood, 2014
#leadawoodart #mixedmedia #watercolor
Leada  Wood
 Live Joyfully!

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