Saturday, December 13, 2014

IHannas Winter Postcard Swap, by Leada Wood

It has been such fun being a part of iHannas Winter Postcard Swap! Both creating the cards and receiving them. Thank you Hanna! I have received 9 so far and I wanted you,dear reader to share the fun! Here are the postcards I received  from 8 new friends and one long time friend.

Copyright Linda Rupard 2014

Copyright Carol Hargrove 2014

Copyright Debbie Ingram 2014

Copyright Christie Juhasz 2014

Copyright Andi Beads 2014

Copyright Sandra D 2014

Copyright Carol Mims 2014

Copyright Cathy Peterson

Copyright Brenda Leonard 2014

The last one is from Canada, the only one so far out of the USA. I love the way she did she know I just saw Paul McCartney in October! All of these lovely ladies created wonderful works of art through recycling and using their imaginations. It was such fun watching the mailbox and squealing with glee when a postcard was found inside. As much as I like emails there is nothing quite like getting real mail...especially hand crafted ones just for you! Have a wonderful weekend!

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