Saturday, April 4, 2015

More Gelli Fun, By Leada Wood, Texas Artist


This fun little lady is part of a page in my art journal. I wanted to show you some of the things you can do with Gelli Prints. Her dress is a small portion of a page of one of my prints. You could also use prints for collage papers or cards.

This is another Gelli print. Gelli printing is like mono printing without the press. It is not as complicated...but I suppose you could get complicated with the process if you wanted to. That is the fun of it...whatever floats your boat!

Another art journal cover. I have given many of these away as gifts to my art friends through the years. I hope they enjoy having them half as much as I did making them.

This art journal has been to many workshops and is full now.  I used a few pieces of my printed papers and then painted a geisha, collaged her dress and fan and painted the symbols for happiness on it.

I think this is the first art journal I has seen many workshops too. It came about as I used a baby wipe to clean my stamps. I liked it so much I glued it to my journal cover...thus began the process of decorating my journal covers and I have continued over the years. I have a special travel journal that I take on trips and it comes in handy when Boot Man and I reminisce.

These are only a tiny portion of what you can do with Gelli prints. There are no bounds to where your imagination can take you. Thanks for stopping by!

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