Monday, September 21, 2015

30 Paintings In 30 Days by Leada Wood, Texas Artist

Leada Wood, Watercolor, Mixed Media, Collage

"Spirit Dreams" by Leada Wood©2015

Day 21 of the 30-30 challenge

"Spirit Dreams" is an acrylic mixed media painting. I begin by writing words or verses onto the blank canvas board. Then I use Gelli Prints that I create for the figures. I collage them on to a canvas board which has many layers of paint and papers, some are just barely visible. Mixed Media is a process and I really like doing them. It is almost like a puzzle to get all the patterns, textures and colors unified into a painting...and you never know IF or how it will turn out...just like any other media. 

I saw this on Bob Burridge's Bob Blast today.
"Collage is an intuitive process of concealing, revealing, adding and subtracting until the artist's goals and intentions emerge from the layers 
of construction and paint. Using a variety of materials and techniques, 
the artist invents in their "laboratory for creativity." Keeping with the 
original history of college art, it's all about risk-taking, new ideas, intentions and inventions."

That pretty much sums it up.
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