Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Time Is Like A Circus" Collage by Leada Wood
(C) 2010 All Rights Reserved

This is a 12X12 inch acrylic collage. My dad was a clock maker and a jeweler and I used some of his clock parts for this collage. The little man is made from two clock keys and there are various clock hands painted around, also an antique pocket watch and various other clock parts scattered about. My mom collected elephants so the elephant represents her... the monkey on her back represents me and the other monkey on the clock hand represents my brother. The writing says " Time is like a circus...always packing up and moving away."  Isn't that the way time is...always moving on? Can you believe it is almost 2011? It sounds so futuristic and yet it is here! I wish for you all blessings and a very bright and happy new year!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dreams Of Mine

"Dreams Of Mine" by Leada Wood (C) 2010 Mixed Media
All Rights Reserved

I created this piece on a hardcover sketch book to take to one of my art club's Christmas party. We always have an art exchange and this year I decided to do my art on something they can enjoy the whole year though, as an art journal or sketchbook. I started the process by putting gesso on the cover then I wrote some inspirational words and phrases with sharpie. I then added texture with gel medium and started applying pearlescent acrylic paints. After the painting was done I attached some silver wings and a little moon face figure I made out of clay, a little dragon fly and the letters soar. I then used inktense pencil to do the shading.
 I hope my friend likes the gift I made for her!

Monday, December 6, 2010

"Fan Fare"

"Fan Fare" by Leada Wood (c) 2010 Mixed Media Collage
All Rights Reserved

I paint papers and embelish them  with stamps, and other things. Then I start tearing them as needed and collage them onto a substrate. I then use liquid acrylic paints very transparently so that you can see all the layers building up. When I am satisified with the results I start collaging found objects onto the work. On this piece I used gold leaf and a little clay sculpture I had made. I enjoy doing this type of work as it very freeing and I can let my creative self out to play!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Linda likes cake!

Is Linda really eating two pieces of cake at the artist reception? She is pictured in the lovely Christmas tree forest at the Heritage Museum's opening of "Angels We Have Heard On High" exhibit by the Caboose Watercolor Society running now through January 8th 2011.

Two More Special Angels

Here are two more very special angels at the opening of the Caboose Watercolor Society's "Angels We Have Heard On High" exhibit at the Heritage Museum.

My Special Angels

Here are 4 of my special angels pictured at the Caboose Watercolor Society's Angel's We Have Heard On High exhibit at the Heritage Museum, running through the eight of January 2011.

Caboose Watercolor Society

Caboose Watercolor Society, left to right Sue Bagwell, Leada Wood, Linda Rupard-Irwin, Kay Smith, and center Estelle Howard, not pictured Carole Berry. The group had their aritst's reception tonight at the Heriage Museum in Big Spring, Texas. Their show "Angels We Have Heard On High" will be running through January 8, 2011.

Friday, December 3, 2010

"Under His Wing" by Leada Wood

"Under His Wing" by Leada Wood (C) 2010
All Rights Reserved

This is a 12X24 inch mixed media collage on crescent illustration board using liquid acrylics, matt medium, tar gel, embossing medium and white feathers. I started this one when I was painting angels for the upcoming show at the Heritage Museum but didn't get it finished in time so I decided to post this on my blog as a special invitation to all of you to the opening of Angels We Have Heard On High, December 4th at 4 PM. If you are in Big Spring be sure to stop by! The show will run through January 11th.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"The Joker Is Wild" by Leada Wood

"The Joker Is Wild" by Leada Wood (C) 2010

This watercolor painting is 15X22 on Arches paper, using my glass objects to create a still life painting for the West Texas Watercolor Society challenge. It was a fun challenge!