Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Time Is Like A Circus" Collage by Leada Wood
(C) 2010 All Rights Reserved

This is a 12X12 inch acrylic collage. My dad was a clock maker and a jeweler and I used some of his clock parts for this collage. The little man is made from two clock keys and there are various clock hands painted around, also an antique pocket watch and various other clock parts scattered about. My mom collected elephants so the elephant represents her... the monkey on her back represents me and the other monkey on the clock hand represents my brother. The writing says " Time is like a circus...always packing up and moving away."  Isn't that the way time is...always moving on? Can you believe it is almost 2011? It sounds so futuristic and yet it is here! I wish for you all blessings and a very bright and happy new year!
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