Monday, March 21, 2011

Totems by Leada Wood

Totems © Leada Wood, Mixed Media

Eleven.....I had a dream and when I woke up the words "Pray for 11/11/11" were still lingering in my mind. I have thought about this...a lot! I usually don't remember many dreams and certainly not words from my dreams, so it has caused me to do lots of soul searching and reseach.

The number 11 is a prime number, and in a 12 step program, the 11th step is usually the step of mediation and courage. Eleven is my totem number, according to my birth date. The spiritual meaning associated with it is: Eleven brings the gift of spiritual inheirtance, gifted as the "Light Bearer". Strengthened by the love of peace, gentleness, sensitivity and insight. Eleven is a symbol of higher ideals, invention, refinement, balance, fulfillment, vision, strong will, pure energy, equality, kindness, tact and purity. HMMMM....Who knew!

Maybe someone is telling me I need to seek balance in the new year of 2011, and balance is always a good thing in life. As we are in the 3rd month of the year 2011, I wish you all to have balance in your life, along with health, love and happiness.
Anyway, my dream got me to meditate on the new year and that sparked me to do a painting containing the number 11 and some of its symbolism. Hope you enjoy looking !

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