Friday, June 17, 2011

ARTifacts by Leada Wood, Artist of Texas

ARTifacts by Leada Wood©

I worked on my Mom's painting today at Studio Twenty. Still hot in Texas! I am so blessed to have a nice, cool space to nurture my creative muse.
I did a lot of tucking of the textures and added a fleur de lis and then added gold leaf to it. I decided I wanted to add a picture of my grandparents but I didn't want them to be too obivious, and I also wanted to still be able to read the Bible Registry behind them. I was looking in my Mom's old bible for some favorite verses to add and I found in the front of her bible where she had written, "Remember me with joy and laughter" and thought that was very appropriate for her so I added that above her birthdate. I am still looking for her favorite bible verses, may just have to ask her! This is a surprise for her so I will have to be crafty!
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