Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Torn Paper Collage by Leada Wood, Artist of Texas

Gossip Geishas by Leada Wood © 20011

I finally came up with a name, thanks to my friend Linda. I don't know if you watched Gossip Girls on tv but I did and thought Gossip Geishas was a good name for this painting. I had considered the Matchmaker but decided I liked Gossip Geishas better. What do you think? 
 I used paper that I had painted, on the left Geisha for a change of pace, still a lot to do on this painting. It would have been much easier to paint this painting with watercolor, but it is kind of like a puzzle to get all the right paper in the right places and make it look like a painting. Collage has been around for centuries, I did a reseach paper in collage on Kurt Schwitters, a famous German collage artist, which began my facination with collage that continues to this day. I am making progress so keep checking back to see how I am coming! Thanks for looking!
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