Monday, July 18, 2011

ARTifacts© Painting by Leada Wood Artist of Texas

Oneta Sanderson with her ARTifact© painting created for her by her daughter Leada Wood in honor of her 90th birthday.
ARTifact© painting by Leada Wood©

Yes, I did add a couple of more things to my mom's ARTifact painting. After looking at it for a while I decided I needed to add a photo of me and my brothers. I chose a heart format because she always kept us close to her heart and loved us unconditionally. I also added a photo of her brothers and sisters under my grandma and grandpa so the family circle was complete. She was very surprised and liked her painting! When I took her home after her party, she asked me to hang it on her wall and with great pleasure I did.
If you are new to my blog check the older posts to see the process of this painting.
Thanks for joining me in my journeys!
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