Tuesday, August 2, 2011

An Artist's Life by Leada Wood

Leada Wood

Ok, you caught me posing for the camera! I am sitting at my watercolor work station, pretending to work! This is where I do my watercolors and drawings. I keep most everything I need within this area. My files are to the left, photos are stored in index files, grouped together in sections. I use labels, gardens, trees, people,ect and then sometimes I break those down into sub-labels, pansies, roses,ect. It usually depends on how many photos of a subject I have if they get their own label. I also save all my photo refrences on dvd.  Over the years you began accumulating so many photographs that at some point you can't print them all. I label all my dvds  so that when I am hunting for a reference it makes it so much easier to find. I then print out the photos I need and place them in a folder with the painting title and file them after the drawing and painting is completed.  I keep records of every painting I create. I have started photgraphing the progression of the process so I can share it with you on my blog. It is a lot of work! But makes life easier when you are searching!
There is more to being an artist than painting.  I am a researcher, photographer, idea person, draftsman, creator, business woman, blogger, web site developer, framer, marketing person, ect. As you see I wear many hats and that is just my artist's life!

Thanks for stopping by! You can see my watercolors by clicking here: http://www.leadawood.com/
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