Saturday, September 24, 2011

Time Is Like A Circus by Leada Wood, Artist Of Texas

Time Is A Circus by Leada Wood

This painting is 12x12  acrylic on canvas. There is a lot of symbolism going on within the painting.  The little person standing with her hands on her hips is painted from clock keys that belonged to my dad. I combined three different clock keys and added little features to make it look like a little person.  My dad was a clock repairman and jeweler and could fix anything! The little person represents me. I used various clock parts and pieces around the painting. My mom collected elephants so that represents her and the two monkeys represent my brothers, these are also animals you see in a circus. This painting represents time, and how there is never enough of just goes so fast! I found a quote that I liked, don't know who wrote it but it goes like this:
Time is like a circus always packing up and moving away.
I hope you enjoyed my little take on time.

This is my painting for Inspiration Avenue's weekly challenge Keys.
Be sure to check out Inspiration Avenue's weekly challenge Keys to see all the great art work.
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