Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Bee Keeper by Leada Wood

The Bee Keeper by Leada Wood©

I have always had a facination with bees. I love to watch them visit my herb garden when the rosemary is blooming, buzzing around pollinating the blooms.  Suprisingly I am not afraid of them as I am wasp which I am very allergic to. I always loved the notion of keeping bees but haven't tried that yet!

 I was visiting the Flea, a fleamarket in Santa Fe and saw a woman with her honey shining in the sunlight, a beautiful sight! Naturally, as I always have a camera handy I took a few photos.  Those photos were the inspiration for this painting, although I changed it to make it look more historical so it would work with the show that is opening Sunday, November 13th at the Heritage Museum.  The show runs until December 21st, so if you are in Big Spring, please stop by and see all the works by the Caboose Watercolor Society.

This painting is 14x22 and is transparent watercolor on Archival paper. I strived to give the painting a warm feeling of a girl setting out her jars of honey to sell, with the sunrise behind her making her jars of honey glow.
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