Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grannie's Wash by Leada Wood

Grannie's Wash by Leada Wood©

This painting was inspired by the wringer washer I photographed at the Potton House Museum in Big Spring.  I have always had a fascination with wringer washers, even when I was small. I had a close encounter with a modern wringer when I tried to help my mother with the wash. I had to drag a step stool up to the machine and then I proceeded to run the wash through the machine along with my arm, thank goodness for elbows, as that was what stopped it! Mom heard me crying and came to my aid and promply reversed the process and set me free. The doctor said I was so small my bones were still soft so there weren't any broken ones. Maybe this painting will bring back memories to you.

This is an ARTifact painting, which is painted on Arches Archival Paper, with transparent watercolors. It is 14x22. You can see it at the Heritage Museum along with many other historical paintings of Old Big Spring, by the Caboose Watercolor Society, November 13th thru December 21st.

I would love to take your memories and paint them for you!
Christmas is coming and it would make a wonderful gift for a special someone.
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