Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wise Old Owl by Leada Wood

Wise Old Owl by Leada Wood©

In the Western world, owls are traditionally associated with wisdom and knowledge and with the Greek goddess Athena. That's because Athena was a bird goddess and assumed often the form of an owl. Athena was not only the goddess of wisdom, but was also the goddess of arts and skills.

Although fun to look at the symbolism and pagan meanings, we must remember that true knowledge and wisdom comes only from our Creator.

I wish you a new year filled with joy, health and wisdom! May you be surrounded by family, friends and loved ones...nurturing each of your selves. I hope your new year is inspirational and creative...but most of all wonderful.

Thanks for following along this year on my creative journey...I hope you enjoyed it and will continue on this adventure with me!  May God bless you abundtly!

                                                                   Wise Old Owl
Like the Solomon of fowl
Sat a wise old owl
Perched in a Sycamore tree,
While the moonlight glimmered
And the starlight shimmered,
These words he spoke to me:

"I guess you've heard
I'm a wise old bird,
And if wisdom you would find...
Always look for the best
And your life will be blest,
To all others' faults be blind.

"In this life, I know
You will find it so
That if you think kindly of others,
You'll soon find that it's true
They'll think kindly of you...
Praise your sisters and your brothers!"

You may think me a fool -
Owls don't talk, as a rule,
But in solemn tone he said:
"Don't be quick to enact
Words you'll wish to retract,
Dwell upon the good instead!"

Though I hate to admit it,
I could see, once I did it,
What that wise owl said was true.
Your faults I'll overlook
'Cause it says in The Book
What you sow comes back to you!
Now, if you will agree
With what he said to me,
Then my faults you will ignore...
Like that sage bird said
We'll both come out ahead
If we judge less, and praise more!
              by Connie Hinnen Cook
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