Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mad Hatter Tea by Leada Wood©

Mad Hatter Tea by Leada Wood©

I don't know about you but I love Alice In Wonderland. I still have my little golden book from my childhood, although it is  getting a little fragile as it was well read.  I got to spend the afternoon at the zoo with my grandson, granddaughter and son, a few days back and seeing all the flamingos got me to thinking of Alice.  I especially enjoyed the Queen's croquet game and her flamingo croquet mallets.  What an imagination Lewis Carrol had!

This painting is a mixed media with watercolor, prisimcolor, and collage.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sheere Moates

Sheere Moates was the guest speaker for the West Texas Art Guild, hosted by Leada Wood in Studio 20.  Sheere who owns Displays of Splendor, is an artist who operates a framing shop and art gallery.  She gave a presentation on how to choose your mats and frames to enhance the beauty of your art. It was an enlightening program and gave us lots to think about when choosing a frame.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Red Rising by Leada Wood©

Red Rising by Leada Wood ©

This is my January challenge for Creative Catalyst. This month the challenge was Bold. I love experimental painting...it takes me places and oh what a ride! When you are one with the painting and  it is speaking to you...life is good!  I love textures, layers, pushing and pulling with the paint until you feel you have arrived at the end. 
Red Rising was done on illustration board and is 16x20. I used acrylic gels and stamped and scratched into that. Then I used charcoal and drew into my painting and began layering paint scratching into the wet paint with my paint brush handle to allow some of the previous colors to show through. It's always fun to sling a little paint along the way and splatter it a bit..so loosen up you can always add another layer! Be CREATIVE and let your inner artist child PLAY!

Dragon Fly Diptychs by Leada Wood©

Dragon Fly Diptych by Leada Wood©
I wanted you to see a little more of the texure and detail and then see them side by side.
Dragon Fly Diptychs by Leada Wood©

In the 15th Century, Nobles as well as bankers, merchants and other members of the middle class began to commission works of art now known as diptychs, which consisted of two panels hinged together that could be opened and closed like a book.
While occasionally secular in nature, the subject matter was usually religious and often included portraits of the people who owned the diptychs or in whose memory that were painted.
Most diptychs were small in scale intended for private contemplation; they either hung on a wall or stood resting open on a prayer desk. They were sometimes stored in a small wooden box or velvet pouch when not in use.

Modern artist have used the term in the title of works consisting of two paintings, not connected but intended to be hung close together as a pair.

These diptychs are 16x20 on canvas, using mixed media. There is a lot of texturing involved with this piece and some areas are in raised relief, with a little guilding going on. I used acrylic paints, texture mediums, oil pastels and paint pens to get the effects I was trying to acheive. The section the dragonflies are on has a crackled, stucco texture to give the appearance of age.
I enjoy using symbolisim in my art and leaving it up to the viewer to figure it all out.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Studio 20 by Leada Wood

My work area
 I know you might think that artists just sit around and paint...but I am here to say that sometimes life gets in the way of that! We have to stop and reorganize every once in a while, take a break. I guess that is what I have been doing this new year...getting organized. I have rearranged my studio ,cleaned and whipped it into shape, so I guess now it is time to paint! I hope this new year is productive for you as well... whatever you are doing.

Studio 20 's class area

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Creativity by Leada Wood

I have always been creative....and now I have found out not only is it fun but is also good for my health! I said I wasn't making resolutions this year but creating goals for myself.  My main goal is to get in shape, physically and mentally.  I have started the year by walking, an easy beginning, and now I have added going to Curves. The main thing is to stay committed!

Back to creativity...Researchers say that creative activity helps people feel healthier, experience fewer physical problems and makes you feel younger! Don't feel as though you are creative? Don't sell yourself short! You probably perform hundreds of creative tasks each day without realizing it. Creativity is really just about finding original solutions to problems and new ways of looking at old situations.  In a  way, it is just problem solving or anything that engages your thought process and challenges you to come up with new ideas. Creative activities are more than just a way to pass time, they're great for bolstering your mental and physical well-being.

Throwing yourself into a creative endeavor is a great way to reduce stress and is an excellent defense against memory loss. Whether you chose to engage your creativity with a group activity or go solo you will reap rewards. When you busy your mind with a creative activity, you enter the zone, which releases chemicals to the body and makes you feel good!

I don't know about you but enough said! I am glad that being creative is good for you! I have been trying to be more creative every day as well as exercising. Drag out that old sketch book and doodle or draw in it as you have your morning coffee. Better yet, get busy and create an art journal, where you can try out some of those ideas that have been in your head. It's only paper...go ahead and have some fun!

Here's to your health and a more creative you! After all isn't that what a new year is about...new beginnings?