Tuesday, February 28, 2012

May You Be Filled by Leada Wood

Be filled with joy!

During my devotional studies  I have been reading about being filled...how we should be filled at all times...overflowing. We should be filled with love...filled with joy...filled with laughter. I know that at times it is hard to be filled...life gets in the way...that is when we should slow down and have a closer walk...listening for that quiet voice to lift our spirits and fill us with joy!

They say that laughter is the best medicine...it's not an old wives tale, it is proven medically. Laughing protects the heart, relaxes the body, lifts the spirits, relieves stress, releases endorphins and boosts the immune system, which in turn improves resistance to disease. I don't know about you but I think the world could use more laughter! Don't feel like laughing? Begin with a smile, give one to everyone you meet, it's contagious...before long you will feel like laughing!

I know I am fortunate and I have many blessings in my life...two of them are pictured here. Children are filled with joy and their laughter is contagious, such fun to be around. I am thankful for my blessings and for the gift of creativity that I can share with others the joy it brings to me. Creating gives me joy...and it spills out into the rest of my life...it is my gift. Everyone has a gift, I hope you have found yours and it is bringing you great joy! Be sure to share your joy!
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