Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Collage Overlay by Leada Wood, Artist of Texas

A little collage overlay
Letting the paint go where it will and dripping and splattering

Sometimes it is fun just to drip paint and see where it takes you.  The journey of discovery is what creativity is all about.  I started fooling around with two of my favorite Golden liquid acrylics and splashed and splattered them around until I enjoyed the results. Then I started playing with my stamps while that was drying, stamping about until the paint was dry. I then started tearing those apart and collaged them on top of the painted canvas board, layering them on top of each other. I'm not sure I have finished or not...at least for now it is. I may add something else later, if I do I will keep you posted.

Friday, June 22, 2012

"Prickly Pears" by Leada Wood, Conterporary Texas Artist


After the wax
This is another Faux Batik, they are exciting to create...and could become addictive, at least for a little while.  The fun thing about painting is the creative process and where it takes you...you never know where a painting will end up...if it turns out at all!

 I love to paint prickly pear cactus, in the spring they have beautiful flowers, I call them Texas roses. The flowers come in a variety of colors, yellow, orange and fuchsia. When they are through flowering they develop this little red fruit, which makes wonderful jelly, just beware of the thorns!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Cosmos" by Leada Wood, Contemporary Texas Artist


It's All In The Crumple!

The Happy Ending! "Cosomos" by Leada Wood©
Faux Batik is fun in watercolor...but in Acrylic it is indescribable! The paper I use is a Japanese paper, a little heavier than tissue paper but still transparent with pieces of fiber running through it and delicate. When you are finished with the painting you apply a special mixture of waxes all over the painting and then crumple it up...then you apply a color of paint over the wax and it goes into the crevices...hopefully. When that is all finished you iron the wax out of your painting and what is left is a beautiful faux batik effect.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Carol Nelson Workshop by Leada Wood, Texas Artist

Carol and Leada

JoMama, Carol, Leada, Eole

Leada and Nancy
We had such a wonderful time in Granbury at the Carol Nelson Mixed Media Workshop.  It is always fun to get to paint with your artist friends and make new ones. This was a great group of ladies...everyone painting till the cows came home! Carol demoed her little heart out and shared some exciting new techniques with us. Nancy said this was her third workshop with Carol and it was always something new and exciting to learn...I believe her as Nancy is a workshop Diva and travels all over taking classes.  I waited two years trying to get into one of Carol's Texas workshops, this was my lucky year!  I highly recommend this energetic and innovative workshop to anyone interested in taking their art to a new level. Thanks Carol!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Blue" by Leada Wood, Texas Artist

"Blue" by Leada Wood©
What would we do without our friends??? Life certainly would not be as sweet! My dear friend Penny knows me so well....she sensed that I might be down Mother's Day as it was the first one without my mom. Penny drops the most beautiful blue hydrangea by my house as a surprise the day before mother's day. WOW!!! What a wonderful thing to do...it sure lifted my spirits and helped me get through a difficult time.  I guess Penny knew what I was feeling as she had also recently lost her mom as well. Mom's are very hard to lose, especially when you are very close. So take care of your moms my friends, visit them often and cherish your times together...and also treasure your friends.

 I painted this hydrangea for Penny as she loves blue hydrangeas but her gorgeous bush, because of our alkaline soil, will only produce pink blooms! Me I love pink as well, so I enjoy driving by her house and seeing her beautiful pink hydrangeas...maybe I will paint a pink one too.