Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Blue" by Leada Wood, Texas Artist

"Blue" by Leada Wood©
What would we do without our friends??? Life certainly would not be as sweet! My dear friend Penny knows me so well....she sensed that I might be down Mother's Day as it was the first one without my mom. Penny drops the most beautiful blue hydrangea by my house as a surprise the day before mother's day. WOW!!! What a wonderful thing to sure lifted my spirits and helped me get through a difficult time.  I guess Penny knew what I was feeling as she had also recently lost her mom as well. Mom's are very hard to lose, especially when you are very close. So take care of your moms my friends, visit them often and cherish your times together...and also treasure your friends.

 I painted this hydrangea for Penny as she loves blue hydrangeas but her gorgeous bush, because of our alkaline soil, will only produce pink blooms! Me I love pink as well, so I enjoy driving by her house and seeing her beautiful pink hydrangeas...maybe I will paint a pink one too.
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