Monday, July 16, 2012

Enjoy The Journey by Leada Wood, Contempory Artist Of Texas

Enjoy The Journey by Leada Wood©

My sweet niece has a very big heart. She has donated her hair to Locks Of Love and now she is going to shave her head on her birthday to raise money for St. Balricks to help find a cure for childhood cancer. She will be 24 on her birthday. Not many young folks at that age are into raising money for good causes.  She has also done various other things all year to raise money for this wonderful cause. I am so proud of this young lady! And thankful to all those who spend time and energy for good causes.

I wanted to help her raise even more money at her event on Tuesday, her birthday. I am donating this painting, the one she picked to  help her with her cause. We should do all the good we can while we are able. We have been given so much, so many blessings to enjoy! I hope you take the time today to be grateful for all your many blessings.

I love you Whitney and I count you as one of my blessings!

Oh a little about this painting! I painted the papers and tore them into pieces and layered them over an underpainting. I didn't paint the small angel on the right, she just appeared! Eerie! I did draw with a gold metal leaf pen around her to bring her into focus. I love the saying "Enjoy The Journey" so I added it to this painting as a reminder to us all.

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