Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cosmic Energy by Leada Wood, Artist Of Texas

Cosmic Energy by Leada Wood ©

Speaking of Cosmic new laptop is somewhere in the cosmos! I have been trying to post for over two weeks  and the compose dashboard has disappeared and the screen where you see the post was about two inches high! Uggggh!
don't know what is going on with it. So I get a brainstorm to try my trusty old laptop which the keys are falling off of and it hiccups along but by golly I am posting!  Sometimes I just want to forget all this technology! But nooooo, can't do without it now! Who would have thought 20 years ago we would always have a phone on our person and be in a constant state of communication via satellite. Gotta love it though! It is really hard to be unconnected...I feel so alone if my internet is not working...don't you?

This painting is a mixed media on paper created with hand painted papers, layered to give depth. There are select embellishments to give it an Asian feel.
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