Saturday, September 22, 2012

Composition 1 by Leada Wood, Contemporary Artist of Texas

This is the finished mono print after several hours of finding forms, pushing and pulling the colors and shapes...tweaking it here and there. I decided to collage some black prints I had done on tissue paper to give a little more interest to the composition. I enjoyed playing with my new printing technique, I have done mono prints before but they were never this easy.  They make a nice starting point for an experimental piece. I will continue to work with this technique to see where else this process will take me. Art is a journey...after all.

Mono Print using Gelli plate

Today was playtime at Studio 20! I have a Gelli plate that has been sitting around waiting for me to try it out so today was the day. I used crafters acrylic paints and spread paint, stamped, drew into the paint and lots of various things to get this print.  I printed several times with different colors and techniques and printed many sheets of paper. I liked the circles on this one and the colors so I decided it was a good starting point. I have soooo much to learn about the gelli printing technique! The thing is you get a substrate that you probably could not get the look of just by painting, there are lots of layers and things going on on this 8x10 sheet of paper.


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