Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happiness Symbols by Leada Wood, Artist Of Texas

Happiness Symbols by Leada Wood ©

This is a new little Jewel, only 5X7 with a powerful punch and message.  There are various symbols for happiness incorporated into this painting as well as the Japanese Kanji symbol for hapiness. This symbol can also be translated as blessed, welfare, well-being or fortunate.
I used the symbol of a man and woman, as I believe that one completes the other thus bringing happiness to each other. I used the coins for good fortune and prosperity.
The spiral is associated with the cycles of time, the seasons, cycle of birth, growth, death and then rebirth. Some also consider the spiral a symbol of a spiritual journey. Life doesn't progess in a straight line, it resembles a spiral. We seem to pass the same points over and over again with a different perspective each time.
The circle is an unbroken line which has no beginning, and no end which represents completeness.
The color orange is a power color! It stimulates creativity and enthusiasm. People who like orange are usually sincere and thoughtful. Lady Luck's color is orange.
The color turquoise is a friendly and happy color. It controls and heals the emotions creating stability and balance.
Can you believe one little Jewel has so much symbolism?


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