Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Making Paper For College by Leada Wood, Contemporay Artist Of Texas

These young ladies are painting deli papers. This is the first step in creating your personal collage papers. you can also use, art tissue, gift tissue or any number speciality papers. You must have color harmony so we choose 3 primary colors, red, yellow and blue. Added water to the paint, just a little, and painted papers.

To change the colors up a bit the girls added a little black to create a different tone. As you can see you need lots of space when you are creating your papers.

The whole studio was covered in painted papers! This is only the first step. The girls have started making their stamps to decorate their collage paper. People sometimes have a misconception about college...that it is just gluing papers to a substrate.  But noooo....a true collage artists starts from scratch and makes their own original papers. A lot of work but the results are worth it!

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