Wednesday, February 27, 2013

White Line Fever by Leada Wood, Contemporary Artist Of Texas

Do you ever wonder how to tell if an abstract is finished? I thought this one was but I ran across it the other day as I was cleaning or moving piles and decided to revisit it and add some more to it.


This is a close up of the variation of the textures and colors that are through out the painting. I didn't use any fancy mediums under the paint. It is just layers and layers of paint.

I kept the white transparent in places where the under painting could glow.


I decided to add a transparent circle in the focal point and to keep it company I added some smaller orbs in different sizes for interest and design purposes.

Another close up of the texture of the paint. I made sure this one was finished this time as I signed it, sealed it and framed it! It is acrylic paint on paper and is 22x28 and is available.
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