Thursday, March 21, 2013

Welcome Spring! by Leada Wood, Contemporary Texas Artist

Okay! It is officially Spring! I thought I would share some beautiful photos of the conservatory at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas. Every season their gardeners create exceptional works of art in their garden for everyone to enjoy. This season was exceptional. Bootman and I just got back from market.  We have never stayed here but always make a trip to see the conservatory and eat their buffet. A feast for the eyes and the tummy!


The mama swan and her baby by waterfall and bridge with purple tulips along the sweet!

The pink striped tulips glowing in the sunshine were extraordinary and the fragrance was heavenly.

Of course they had to have some dutch shoes since that is where all our tulips come from.

I have never seen orange tulips but they were gorgeous! My tulips are just coming up not a blossom in sight. I have red and purple but would love some orange beauties!

The cute dutch windmill and giant tulips in the pond was a favorite picture spot among the tourists.


 Red and pink tulips vibrating against violet hychinths.

More cute dutch shoes among the pink tulips and butterflies. 

Icelandic poppies were abounding in every hue.


There was a green house full of butterflies enjoying their fruit offerings and the warm sunshine. I hope this post brightens your day especially if spring has not arrived where you's coming! Happy Spring!
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