Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Texas Traditions by Leada Wood, Contemporary Texas Artist

Texas Traditions Copyrighted 2013 by Leada Wood All Rights Reserved
I love to see our state flag waving in the, white and blue with a lone star. It is one of the most recognized flags of any state flag in the United States,and it has been flying over Texas for well over 175 years.

 Each color in the flag has special meaning, the white stands for purity, the blue stands for loyalty and the red stands for bravery. The lone star has five points and they represent the characteristics of a good citizen, which are fortitude, loyalty, righteousness, prudence, and tolerance. The lone star represents All of Texas and stands for our unity as one for God, State and Country. The lone star is seen as a symbol of Texas' independent spirit and gave us the nickname "The Lone Star State.

Boots are also a Texas tradition and have been worn by cowboys since the 1800's. Cowboy boots refer to a specific style of riding boot that have a slanted heel to keep the foot in the stirrup and a tall top to protect their lower leg while riding a horse.

Our family has been a part of the Texas tradition by selling cowboy boots for over 40 years. We don't just sell cowboys boots they are for everyone! They come in a variey styles, colors, and leathers...some very exotic. I am proud to be a part of the Texas tradition. I guess that is why I enjoy painting cowboys and boots.
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