Friday, June 7, 2013

Azure Angel by Leada Wood, Texas Artist

Azure Angel by Leada Wood, Copyright 2013 or

This is another in my cruciform series, so much left to explore! This one really took a twist as I kept seeing a blue angel or figure in it so that is where I let the painting take me. This is what I like about painting begin and the process starts... you never know where you will end up until you get there!

I never thought from this beginning that it would turn into a figurative painting. I put lots of texture and collage and threw in some graphic lines. Nothing in mind except to do another cruciform painting...exploration. Again a horizontal beginning turned into a vertical format.

This is where I started seeing a figure. I changed directions and made it into the painting at the Azure Angel. I hope you enjoy seeing a little of the process and reading about the journey. I'm glad you stopped by!
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