Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Technique Tuesday, by Leada Wood, Texas Artist

Well as they say one thing leads to another. If you saw my last post you noticed I had something new...a slide show but no words. I should have added the post before the slide show as I could not try as I might, make the post after the slide show, we learn as we go. Soooo...I decided to add a Technique Tuesday and more photos of my Fun Friday!
Citrasol concentrate is a very fun process...be for warned do it with all the windows open! My studio reeks of oranges and not in a good way but a nauseating way. I removed all the pages and plastic on Saturday and hopefully it will be gone when I return.
Back to the process...you will need National Geographics, Citrasol concentrate, sponge brush and spritzer bottle. I also lined my tables with white trash bags. There are all kind of tutorials on utube regarding this technique, so check them out! I also wore gloves as it is kind of messy. I spritzed some pages and painted others then closed the book and waited 20 minutes. Sometimes there is magic and sometimes there is not! You can also learn to manipulate the process and it really is all in the timing and doing. So what are you waiting for get out those old magazines and give it a try! Make some magic of your own.


You maybe wondering what one does with these pages now??? That is still in the works and I will post the results ...until then, thanks for stopping by!

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