Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shadow Of The Moon, by Leada Wood, Texas Artist

Shadow Of The Moon was painted in Walton's workshop last week at the Heritage Museum in Big Spring. I choose a small skin 3x3 that I was drawn to and quickly, in 8 to 10 minutes laid in the colors. Then I sprayed water in places to let the paint run and create drama. The object was to leave as much of the painting untouched and still have a good composition. This one passed Mr. Walton's keen critique and I only had to add a tiny moon with a halo for its completion. Sound easy....give it a try! Most artists tend to overwork the painting and create mud and chaos with this technique. It is quite a challenge! 


There is an exhibition of the groups works at the Heritage Museum until May. It is a very unusual and exciting show. Stop by and see it if you are in the area.  Artists from Houston, Dallas, Santa Fe, and Louisiana, as well as locals, traveled the distance to take this innovatitive workshop with Mr. Walton.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Sweet Retreat
9x12 transparent watercolor

copyright Leada Wood 2014

It is hummingbird time in Texas! Does that mean spring is around the corner...we certainly hope so! This painting is 9x12 transparent watercolor on archival paper. It is available, just contact me via my website. Thanks for looking!
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Leada  Wood
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Leather And Lace by Leada Wood, Texas Artist

The hardest part of doing abstracts for me is naming them! I can't let my creation go untitled...that is like having a child and never giving it a name...kind of. It is a pet peeve of mine that an artist is creative enough to make a painting yet too lazy to think up a name, or maybe uncaring.  When I am painting realism the names just pop into my head during the process. I guess when I am doing abstract I become so absorbed and right brained that all thinking stops...I just go with the flow...until it's over...and needs a name.

This 8x8 mixed media on gesso board is available. Just comment! 


                                             Leather and Lace copyright 2014 by Leada Wood

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fun In The Studio by Leada Wood, Texas Artist

My friend Linda stopped by my studio for a visit and was telling me about a fun workshop she had taken in Granbury with Doug Walton. They made skins to use in their collage and as inspiration for paintings. I have a workshop coming up with Douglas in a couple of weeks so I thought I would get a head start making skins. I don't actually know if that is what we will do in the workshop but it sounded like fun so I had to try it. It is always playtime when Mr Walton comes to town and that is what keeps me taking workshops with him year after year.

After a couple of days of drying time...I might have gotten carried away with the paint...and before I cut it up, I wanted to share with you. Here is the full version.


I kind of like it...maybe I shouldn't have cut it up...oh well it's only paint! 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Girls Just Wanna Have fun! by Leada Wood,Texas artist

I haven't run out of paper or canvas to paint on...but sometimes I get to looking at everyday objects and just decide they need a little jazzing up! That is exactly what is happening to my brush carrier. I started off by drawing on it and since it is canvas decided it needed some paint. One thing led  to another and out came the glitter glue and colored pens. I like it much better than the dingy canvas carrier!  No it's not a self portrait (smile) but it might be my inner artist coming out to play. I have the other side drawn as well and now I need to paint it. I know I probably should be working for galleries, workshops and shows but I wanted to do this one for me. Hope you enjoyed seeing my little creation!