Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fun In The Studio by Leada Wood, Texas Artist

My friend Linda stopped by my studio for a visit and was telling me about a fun workshop she had taken in Granbury with Doug Walton. They made skins to use in their collage and as inspiration for paintings. I have a workshop coming up with Douglas in a couple of weeks so I thought I would get a head start making skins. I don't actually know if that is what we will do in the workshop but it sounded like fun so I had to try it. It is always playtime when Mr Walton comes to town and that is what keeps me taking workshops with him year after year.

After a couple of days of drying time...I might have gotten carried away with the paint...and before I cut it up, I wanted to share with you. Here is the full version.


I kind of like it...maybe I shouldn't have cut it up...oh well it's only paint! 
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