Saturday, August 9, 2014

Daddy's Keys, by Leada Wood, Texas Artist

Daddy's Keys
copyright2014Leada Wood
 I have been doing Sketchbook Skool the past 5 weeks and one of this week's assignments was to do a drawing of a collection. I had a bunch of antique keys for clocks from my dad laying around, so I decided I would sketch these as a tribute to my parents.
Their anniversary was yesterday, August the 8th and they would have been married 65 years! My mom and dad had a jewelry store and they both repaired clocks and watches. Clocks hold a dear place in my heart as I was always around the chiming and heart beats of their steadfast ticking. Their continual ticking can still be heard in our home and the chiming of the hour. It will be a sad world when they are no more. Something about them is comforting...familiar...homey. 
This sketch was done with a Bic Velocity Gel pen in blue because it was my dad's favorite color. I leaned a lot from drawing with only a lowly ballpoint pen and think my shading got a little better toward the end of the drawing. I plan on drawing the keys again in some way with another medium.
One of the things I have enjoyed the most about Sketchbook Skool is that it reminded me of my love of drawing. I have also enjoyed seeing artist's work from around the world. It's a small world after all!
 This is their wedding day photo. Don't you just love old black and whites? 
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Leada  Wood
 Live Joyfully!


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