Wednesday, August 20, 2014

San Patricio, by Leada Wood, Texas Artist

                                 La Inglesia de San Patricio by Leada Wood copyright 2014

I am still working in my sketchbook...trying to cultivate daily painting habits. This study was done from a photograph my brother took when we were visiting New Mexico. La Inglesia de San Patricio was built in 1875 and has been painted many times by artists and probably thousands of photograph have been taken there. I myself painted Plein air there several years back, and have wanted to revisit and paint the old church again.

A few tips I learned from Liz Steel, in sketchbook skool when drawing buildings:
See patterns
Spend time observing the overall shape
Look for the center line and other major divisions, important ledges, count windows, check proportions 
Look at details, draw them in the air. Then draw them on paper, individually so you know them.
All this is done in thumbnails before you sketch the building.
Do a setup of the overall shape and major divisions in watercolor pencil, are you happy with the proportions ? Correct as you go with pen and ink, make sure it is waterproof. Then paint with watercolor.

It really does help when you break it down and get to know the building. But remember it is a painting not a photograph so enjoy the wonkiness of your lines. It makes it more interesting and personal! 
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