Thursday, November 13, 2014

Roz Stendahl of Sketchbook Skool by Leada Wood, Texas Artist

copyright by Roz Stendahl and Sketchbook Skool
What a wonderful week we have had with Sketchbook Skool's Roz Stendahl. The whole class has been great but Roz's generosity and teaching videos were extraordinary! This was one of her parting gifts to us, a memento of our week together. I had to print it out and cut the cards of course but it was worth every minute! Roz has an awesome blog you should check out:

It has been so cold this week the only live animal sketching I did was of my little Yorkie, Mollie. She was very suspicious of all the activity following her around with my sketchbook and pen. I found that sometimes standing up and calling her name was the only way to get her to be still...she is a little hyper.

This was my first attempt at a live animal subject and sketching with a Pentel brush pen. This was drawn standing up calling her name as it was the only resource to get her to stand still. This is called a gesture sketch and probably doesn't take over 35 to 40 seconds to create...or however long your subject cooperates. These quick sketches are not meant to be fine art but only practice of capturing the essence of your subject.

The assignment was to draw a live animal everyday. Another gesture pose of Mollie with the brush pen. I really like it for fast sketches.

Mollie getting use to me following her around and tired too...but she won't be still for long!

I caught her napping in the sunshine before I left for work so I had a quick go at drawing her again.
And this is the way she looked laying in the sunshine on a cold winters day When it warms up a little I will try again sketching live animals on the farm. Maybe sheep, goats or llamas!
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