Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Time Is A Circus by Leada Wood, Texas Artist


Time Is A Circus By Leada Wood, copyright 2014

With the New Year being upon us I decided to post one of my paintings concerning time. I found the quote "Time is a circus, always moving away " and combined it with an old clock face and painted clock keys, a pocket watch, and  clock parts around. The elephant is a symbol for my mom as she collected them, the watch pieces symbolize my dad as he was a clock maker, the monkeys were my brothers and I am the key person with my hands on my hips. It was a fun piece to do! 
The Gift Of Time
Every day we are given 86, a gift of life. When we go to sleep at night any remaining time is not credited to us to use is gone. What we haven't used up that day is forever lost and yesterday is gone forever. Each morning of your life your life account is refilled with 86,000 seconds...but it can be closed at anytime without warning. So what will you do with your 86,000 seconds a day? The choice is yours! Every second is more valuable than gold...think about it... what are you exchanging the seconds of your life for? Enjoy every second for it passes too quickly. Never complain about growing older...some people never get the privilege. Take care of joyfully...and enjoy the gift of time!

Happy New Year! May yours be prosperous, creative and filled with love and pleasant adventures!


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