Monday, December 15, 2014

World Blog Hop, by Leada Wood, Texas Artist


Hello and welcome to my blog! This is my first go at a blog hop and it is very exciting! I am pictured here in my studio, Studio Twenty, working on another original concept.  First I would like to thank Kay Smith for inviting me. Kay and I belong to a small group of watercolorist, the Caboose Watercolor Society that do themed paintings and exhibit them. We have known each other since 2002 and have had many creative adventures together. Kay has a fun and funky studio in Big Spring, Texas where she creates. You can check out her blog here: .
Monte Carlo ©Kay Smith

World Blog Hop- Questions and Answer

1. What am I working on?

 Right now I have started a new series for upcoming shows in 2015. I began by laying in the first layer and usually work on 8-12 paintings at a time. I am working small 8x8, the size of the series always varies, usually to what I have on hand. Sometimes I start abstractly and go towards realism or sometimes I stay non objective. I enjoy creating both abstract and realism, watercolor and mixed media and tend to go back and forth.  My work is intuitive and I follow where it leads me.

This is my mixed media work station in my studio. You can see that it is messy business...but fun! I usually have an idea for the series to keep the work cohesive, whether it be color, an underlying paper, composition or a theme. It helps to work this way as there is drying time involved and who wants to watch paint dry!

I add layers of paint and scratch into it or stamp, pushing and pulling the paint until the layers meld together. One of the shows I am getting ready for is  entitled "RED".  I still have a long way to go on these and will post as they are finished.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I create many layers, giving thought to symbolism, whether it be colors or shapes. They represent something to me and hopefully the viewer.  Sometime I include inspirational words or phrases which may or may not be visible. I also like to include texture in my make the viewer want to reach out and touch the painting. I guess you could say I like to involve the senses when you look at one of my paintings and evoke an emotion whether real or give you a glimpse of the world  I envision.

3. Why do I create what I do?

I have people ask me how I come up with my ideas all the time. It is a gift...I am always observing and creating in my mind.  Color and light intrigue me...the
 way shadows dance and light sparkles is fascinating, observing people is captivating. I create because I have to is certainly true...I get a little cranky if I go too long without it ! Even drawing in my sketchbook helps if I can't get into the studio...ahh but there is nothing to compare with the studio experience. Whether it be the kitchen table or a converted closet...both which I have used as studio space. It doesn't matter where I paint as long as I get to. I find joy in creating and hope I bring some into your life when you view my work.

4. How does my creating process work.

Sometimes it is a dream...I keep a notebook by my bed or sometimes a random thought sparks an idea. Observation plays a big part in my creative process and I take thousands of photos of things that inspire me and keep notes of ideas that I may or may not put into existence. My mind is always at work... perhaps me thinks too much!

Thanks for joining me in and discovering the World Blog Hop! I hope you will hop back again or follow me and see where the next creative adventure takes me...

World Blog Hop- My Chosen Artist To Continue The Hop

It is my pleasure to introduce to you Vernita Bridges Hoyt. Vernita is a Texas Artist and is from Spring, Texas. Nita is involved with many animal rescue
organizations and donates a portion of her sales to help fund them. She paints the sauce of Texas in various mediums. You can check out her blog here:

2014 copyright Vernita Bridges Hoyt

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