Friday, January 23, 2015

Day Twenty Four-30-30 Challenge by Leada Wood, Texas Artist

Merry Legs copyright 2015 Leada Wood

When I am painting a title for the painting pops into my head or sometimes the name of the painting comes first. Sometimes a name doesn't come at all and I have to enlist the help of Bootman and we brainstorm. One  of my pet peeves as an artist is folks not naming their creations...kind of like bringing a child into the world and not giving it a name....Untitled...I am sure you have seen that name around.

My Mama had a horse named Merry Legs when she was a girl. I don't know what the horse looked like but the name kept popping into my head as I was doing this painting. I thought it would be nice to honor my Mama and name this painting Merry Legs. This painting is watercolor and is available. Thanks for stopping by!
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