Saturday, April 25, 2015

More Gelli Prints by Leada Wood, Texas Artist


I was honored to do a Demo on Gelli Printing for the Big Spring Art Association this past Tuesday evening. I thought I would share some of my finished prints with you. It is such a fun process and the prints can be used in so many ways. You also can print on various surfaces and obtain excellent results.

Of course my studio is usually a wreck during the printing process! When I print it is usually a days work and I have piles of Prints. I then separate them into three piles... a more to go pile, an almost there pile and that's a wrap pile and sometimes one or two find their way into the trash pile. I find adding lots of layers usually makes the most interesting papers

I use my hand made stamps for the images or sometimes I paint over the Gelli Print and of course they are always great for collage. Making stamps is another thing that is fun to do. There are all kinds of ways to make stamps but that is another post.

This little elephant was made into a card...waiting for the right person to send it to. I love to get real mail, don't you? Especially cards handmade with love!

A little birdie told me to make another card. I sometimes add little embellishments along with the Gellies.

You never know how your Gellies will turn out. This one has a little metallic paint on it as well. I enjoy using bight color combinations. That's the way I roll.

Even when you use similar stamps and colors no two Gellies will ever be the same. That is one of the fascinating things about Gelli Printing...each print is unique and cannot be duplicated exactly.

I love the rich colors and interesting textures you can create. It's so much fun...kind of like making mud pies when I was a kid.


Bee kind to one another and have a wonderful, relaxing weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

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