Saturday, May 16, 2015

Gelli Printing by Leada Wood, Texas Artist

Gelli Fun In Studio Twenty

This is what a good afternoon at Studio Twenty looks like when Gelli Printing...piles of colorful, interesting papers waiting to be repurposed into a new work of art. This is also only what I consider keepers...the rest need working on.

My dear friend Sue and I had a great play day making Gelli prints. She had never made them before and thought they were a lot of work, but fun! I guess it is all a state of mind. I love making Gelli prints and go into my own creative space when doing so and before I know it is time to go home.

I have been doing a little printing on cloth. The one on the right is the original print and the one on the left is the ghost print. I made the material 9x11 so that if I want I can make prayer flags out of them.

This Gelli is on Watercolor paper.

This Gelli is done on brown Kraft paper.

These Gellies are on fabric.

I started by printing a solid color and letting it dry and then used stencils, stamps, masks and black paint to make the design. I also tried different surfaces than I normally use.  I discovered that if using Gellies for prayer flags you have to leave a little quiet space of color to incorporate your prayers.

These are the same piece of fabric, I zoomed in on the bottom one after I worked on it a little. I decided that the top one needed a little refining to discover some of the shapes. I used Sharpie markers to draw on the can't hold it in place too long or it will bleed...unless that is the effect you are after.  I used a little alcohol on the Sharpie in the bottom right corner to make the color spread.
I hope you enjoyed seeing what I have been up to...thanks for stopping by!

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