Tuesday, January 17, 2017

"Beach Boyz", Watercolor, Figure Painting by Leada Wood, Texas Artist

Our sweet family loves to go to the beach...maybe because we live in dry west Texas and the water beckons to us like sirens of old. You know sirens, the sea nymphs...part woman and part bird who lured mariners by their seductive singing. They were also quite beautiful. Getting a little off track here but the beach does call our name and we do make several trecks  a year to enjoy the sea.

Maybe that is why I enjoy painting the kids doing beach things so I can flash back in my mind to the days we were there and having great fun. Life is slower and a little sweeter there and we play more. Nothing like fun in the sun on any beach.


"Beach Boyz" by Leada Wood ©2017

I have painted this scene twice before but still I am trying to capture the essence of the scene. I think I am getting closer! I loved the light in the photograph and the closeness of the boys sharing an experience they both enjoyed. 
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