Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lucky Fish by Leada Wood, Texas Artist

Day 19 Leslie Saeta's 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.

I am still going, some days are tougher than others...they require discipline to continue. Today was one of those days, but finish I did!  I got to enjoy my family as was a good day!

In Feng Shui Fishes are regarded as Symbols of good fortune and abundant wealth. So they are widely used as pet fishes in the aquarium, paintings or pictures or kept as figurines to attract success and prosperity. It is said that the fishes saves us from danger and bad luck. There are many types of fishes used to create positive energy and abundance in Feng Shui like the Arowana, Flowerhorn, Dragon Carp or Gold Fish. 

Today I decided to paint a gold fish, I especially like the ones with the long flowing tails. I also like to paint koi. I love to watch the little fishes swim around in an aquarium or pond. It's very relaxing, whether it brings good luck or not who knows.

Lucky Fish by Leada Wood, copyright 2014

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